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Social Media Consulting

Whether you want to promote agriculture like me, or just promote your farm through social media, I can help get you started!

Since 2012, I have been writing about agriculture and finding ways to get my messages to the masses. I have over 35,000 followers on Facebook, almost 5,000 followers on Twitter, and a mailing list of almost 600 people. I am also now actively growing my audience on Instagram and Pinterest. From viral social media posts to writing for other outlets, I know how to reach an audience interested in agriculture, food, and farming.

While entering the world of social media can be a bit confusing at times, I’ll make it easy. My consulting work comes complete with a total plan for how to reach your goals and spread your message. I can help with setting up your social media accounts, giving you the best methods for making the biggest impact, help you create content, and even run your pages. I will help you create a message and deliver it to the right people. I also provide regular one-on-one feedback to assess how you’re doing, where we need to improve, and how we can make your accounts more successful.

Let’s chat about putting together a social media consulting package that works for you! Please shoot me an email at

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