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Giveaways are an excellent way for me to promote your product! In the past, these promotions have been very successful and generated a lot of interest! I’ve done giveaways for anything from cow slippers and books to insulated leggings!

To effectuate the giveaway, I require a free product to use and test before the event. I’ll write an honest product review about how it worked for me and whether they should consider purchasing one. My post will include photographs and, if appropriate, me using the product. The review will also include instructions for entering the event and how the winner will receive the product. Qualifications for entries vary and we can discuss the best way to promote your product! Once a winner is chosen, I will provide you with the name and address of the winner so that you may ship the product.

Please note federal law requires me to be honest in my review of any products. That means I’m required to tell people if I use the product and don’t actually like it. However, I am willing to predicate the giveaway event on me first finding the product favorable. That is, if I don’t like it, we can scrap the idea for the giveaway.

In addition to the free product required for the review, I require a small fee for writing the review, designing the campaign, and administering the giveaway.

For more information and to discuss how we can promote  your product, please contact me at

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