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107 Nobel Laureates Slam Greenpeace Over GMOs

A group of Nobel Laureates are getting tough on Greenpeace for the organization’s anti-GMO agenda. 107 Nobel Laureates, which are people that have previously been awarded the Nobel Prize, have called on Greenpeace to change its position on genetically modified crops.

Greenpeace has been a leader of the anti-GMO movement across the world, especially in areas that would benefit significantly from this technology.  Using lies and deceitful tactics to spread an anti-GMO message, the radical organization has championed their vision for environmental causes, even to the detriment of people in the developing world.

But the worst offense is that Greenpeace has literally started and fanned the tide against Golden Rice. The rice has been genetically modified to provide additional Vitamin A desperately needed by kids in the poorer parts of the world. It is estimated by the World Health Organization that 250 million people worldwide suffer from a Vitamin A deficiency, which includes 40% of children 5-years-old and younger in developing countries. Widespread consumption of Golden Rice could reduce or eliminate child blindness and death caused by the deficiency.

Created in 1999 by the biotech company Syngenta, Golden Rice was modified to produce 20 times more beta-carotene than regular rice. One bowl of the rice, which is a staple in children’s diets, contains 60% of the daily value of Vitamin A. Syngenta has even committed not to commercialize the gene, meaning rice farmers in developing countries can plant it without a technology agreement, save their seeds, and plant it again.

The letter released today by the Nobel Laureates states:

We urge Greenpeace and its supporters to re-examine the experience of farmers and consumers worldwide with crops and foods improved through biotechnology, recognize the findings of authoritative scientific bodies and regulatory agencies, and abandon their campaign against “GMOs” in general and Golden Rice in particular.

Scientific and regulatory agencies around the world have repeatedly and consistently found crops and foods improved through biotechnology to be as safe as, if not safer than those derived from any other method of production. There has never been a single confirmed case of a negative health outcome for humans or animals from their consumption. Their environmental impacts have been shown repeatedly to be less damaging to the environment, and a boon to global biodiversity.

There’s a lot of things that Greenpeace does and stands for that I completely disagree with, especially when it relates to modern agriculture. Nonetheless, their opposition and dirty smear campaigns against Golden Rice is really the worst, and I would suggest even criminal. Denying this lifesaving technology for absolutely no reason is disgusting. The blanket opposition to genetically modified crops is literally hurting people. Scientific consensus is that genetically modified crops pose no more danger than their non-GMO counterparts. Greenpeace’s message is anti-science, unethical, and they need to stop.

It’s reassuring, and a relief, to see this influential and respected group of scientists agree to stand up and call out Greenpeace over their positions on Golden Rice and biotechnology. Although I’m skeptical the group will listen, it sends a strong message to those supporting and encouraging their misleading agenda.

You can learn more about the Laureates efforts and about GMOs here.


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