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Beyond Meat’s COO Allegedly Bites a Man’s Nose

Generally, I don’t like to kick people when they’re down. We all make mistakes. We’re all human. And sometimes our anger gets the best of us (if we ever sit down for a drink, ask me about the time I “went hillbilly” in four seconds). But when you’re at the top of a company hoping to sink animal agriculture and spreading disinformation, I’m probably going to mention it (you know, like that dude from HSUS).

By now you’ve likely heard that Beyond Meat’s COO Doug Ramsey was arrested for allegedly biting a man nose at a college football game. He wasn’t angry about the game though. According to various reports, he was in a parking garage when another vehicle inched in front of his and came into contact with his passenger-side front tire. Doug apparently got out of his car and punched out the other car’s back windshield before pummeling the driver. The altercation allegedly ended when Doug bit the other driver’s nose.

Quite frankly, I have some sympathy for Doug because I’ve felt the road rage before. Who hasn’t? But I usually try to keep it in perspective so things don’t end quite so dramatically.

Beyond Meat suspended Doug following the arrest. The incident comes at an unfortunate time for the company. Its stock value is down 74 percent on the year. Beyond Meat has attempted to make up lost ground by launching a partnership with Taco Bell this week. It’s products are offered at a variety of other fast food restaurants, including Carl’s Jr. and TGIFridays. Needless to say the Taco Bell deal isn’t the story making all the headlines.

In all honesty, Beyond Meat’s behavior hasn’t been as egregious as Impossible Foods (who’s founder bluntly says meat is the most destructive force on Earth and he wants to shut down family farms). There’s nothing inherently wrong with meat alternatives. We’re going to need all the food we can get to feed a booming population. There’s plenty of room for meat and faux-meat products to co-exist peacefully. And for the most part, Beyond Meat has somewhat taken the same position.

That being said, Beyond Meat’s website is now sprinkled with anti-GMO promotions. It features a quote from someone named Sam Wotherspoon claiming that’s why he likes Beyond Meat’s offerings. Apparently Sam designed a pair of cool shoes a few years back and can now comment knowledgably on agriculture practices. (I can’t make this stuff up.)

Anyway, back to Doug. The best part about this whole incident is the internet’s reactions. I’ve tried to include a few of the best in throughout the post. The jokes write themselves…and I’m totally here for it.

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